About us

Turkey is the most specialized area of us.  We are confident that we can provide the most efficient solutions towards your needs with our vast knowledge and experience.  Tell us about your projects and requirements.

FCL & LCL Shipments

You are planning or already doing imports from Turkey by sea?

We would be more than happy to hear about your needs and can assist with your shipments from all Turkey Ports.

Road Freight

No matter how big your cargo is or where it is to be collected and delivered,  we would be delighted to help you with any road imports you have from Turkey.   

Air Freight

Do you need a speedy transport solution?   

We can guide you to choose the most suitable options amongst a range of services from most effective to quickest.

Personal Cargoes

You are moving from Turkey to the UK? Or you have already moved and want to bring your household stuff?

Say hello to us.  We will work out everything for you with our business partners.

More than that, it is our pleasure helping people, who become our friends, to settle down.

Export to Turkey

As well as imports from Turkey, we are interested to know about your export businesses to Turkey.

With our years of experience and a huge network in Turkey, we are confident that we can provide you a tailored service towards you needs.


We also would be delighted to help you with your customs enquiries in every aspect.   With our business partners, we are able to provide customs clearance services at every UK Ports and Airports.

Are you not sure how to make your company an  active importer?   Do you want to calculate your import duties?   Not sure about how to import some import products and need an advice?

Please contact us with regards to any customs related questions or enquiries.


Data Management

With our high level of standards in programming, we can turn your database a very useful instrument to control / develop your business through the features that we can produce specifically covering your needs and using your existing database & software. 

Being of your partner - we offer you a definite private service and can guarantee that your data is kept confidential.


You intend to grow your business by gaining more clients?

We can offer helping you about making your sales activities more visible by using CRM softwares and automate your marketing with our technological features.

Assisting about Turkey Freight Market

According to the indications, Turkey freight market is currently growing and will continue to grow in the visible future.  As Turkey market is being in our expertise area, we can introduce you to most suitable partners in Turkey according to your expectations & requirements and also can assist you to increase your market knowledge to bring you a specialist level in this particular area.